Rob Lowe is Paul Turner, a maverick political strategist who can spin even the worst hay into gold. With the help of a bright young assistant and a cynical investigator, he struggles to keep his wayward clients in office and out of the scandal sheets.


      In San Francisco’s poverty-stricken Tenderloin district, would-be artist Ricardo Papa is trying to make ends meet as a petty drug dealer. On the run from his boss and on the outs with his girlfriend, he takes up residence in the dilapidated Hotel Boyd. There he crosses paths with …


      Restricted by gender, culture and limited jobs, a unique group of athletes contests for a national championship as a ticket off the paradise of Papua New Guinea.


      The legend of Yamashita’s Gold lures a treasure hunter, his guides and their security detail deep into the Indonesian jungle. Under attack by armed militants, the group seeks shelter in an abandoned World War II mine. Trapped there, they face the terrifying reality that the only way out is to go further in.