Story may not be the only way to deal with the ultimate demise of everything, but it’s one of the best. We can’t stop time, but, with story, we can find our place in it.

There are countless entrepreneurs and executives who pursue content businesses and are confronted with a tremendous noise-to-signal ratio that makes financial success particularly challenging.  Even so, every year millions take their chance.

If stories, broadly speaking, address the whole of the universe, then three-act story (the most common structure in Western films) tussles with the disquiet of impermanence on a personal level.

The American Dream, as it has been roughly understood and loosely interpreted over the last 200 years is running out of gas.

Organizations are human endeavors, and therefore often defy cold logic. So, as a manager and a leader your first opportunity to differentiate is within yourself – say no if the situation demands it.

The battle cry of enlightenment thinkers was "sapere aude.” Dead language, Latin, to be sure, but gives sheen to a simple and important exhortation: Dare to know.

To state something succinctly is to understand the issue, concept or enterprise as an emergent whole. The considered layers, and refined details are critical, but only in as much as they support the broader objective.

Technology will not become our master through some evil design, but through the same push pull of environmental advantage.

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Axioms & Insights

All things are impermanent.  Our technological age has increased the pace of change, but not the fundamentals of entropy. Those who work in harmony with this truth will excel. 


Axioms and Insights is a collection of essays that explores the rules of our modern world, the practical, and philosophical implications for the entertainment business, and the culture in which we practice our professional craft. 

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